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Sutton Manor  

Sutton Manor is a distinctive early 20th century suburban residential district in the city of New Rochelle in Westchester County, New York. The neighborhood is located off the northern shore of Long Island Sound on Echo Bay. It was developed as an upper middle-class enclave for families with heads of households employed in New York City and served as a model for the ideal suburban setting; harmonious architecture and exclusive amenities. The development appears to have been modeled on neighboring Larchmont Manor in the Town of Mamaroneck, yet on a smaller scale. That subdivision was conceived originally as an exclusive and convenient seasonal playground for New York’s wealthy upper classes, with its 6-acre waterfront park.  In 2008, a New York State Certified Local Government grant allowed the ‘Historical and Landmarks Review Board’ to hire an historic preservation firm to conduct extensive research on the historic and architectural significance of Sutton Manor. For both its physical attributes and social aspects, Sutton Manor is a significant historic resource for the community and deserving of its protection through designation as a local historic district under the city code. Although not currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Sutton Manor meets all of the criteria and is clearly eligible for designation.

At the turn of the 18th century, most of the waterfront acreage in the northeast section of New Rochelle in Westchester County was owned by one of its original settlers, Huguenot Louis Guion. Another of the French refugees, Alexander Allaire, purchased much of it in 1748. The lands eventually came into the hands of James Pitcher, Commissary of Musters in the British Army, who owned it until the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. For some unknown reason, his property was not confiscated, and he was able to leave it to his nephew, Thomas Huntington. The portion of the property that is now Sutton Manor came into the possession of Thaddeus Davids in the late 1830s. At the time, Davids was the head of one of the largest ink companies in the country. EZ Westchester Junk Removal


With its proximity to New York City, many of the Manor’s residents were involved in regional, statewide and national activities, which instigated frequent mention of the “exclusive Sutton Manor” in The New York Times. Beginning with Thaddeus Davids, an important ink manufacturer from before the Civil War and for whom Davids Island is named, the property has been home to important financiers, bankers, attorneys, industrialists, inventors, engineers, politicians, public servants, artists of every ilk, actors, and other notable figures. Well-known yachtsmen, boat designers and enthusiasts made Sutton Manor home as well.

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