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Trash Pickup & Removal Service

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It has been proven that households across the globe produce greater than two billion tons of garbage each year. In 2018, an analysis released from the US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” disclosed 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste produced each day. When the number was broken down, each individual had 4.9 pounds per day.

Municipal solid waste is disposed of at local waste transfer stations, landfills, and other facilities with permits. Most household waste is collected by collection companies, which take care of residential neighborhoods and Business Districts, such as industrial parks.

Our Trash Pickup Service

Our trash pickup service operates on a 5-day schedule and request. Our regular service picks up garbage in front of our clients’ residences and businesses. We inform our clients of the pickup date upon the time they sign up for our recurring garbage pickup service. On Mondays through Fridays, our garbage trucks will be working all day to pick up, carry, and drop off trash at local landfills.

Our One-Time Trash Pickup Service

Many households tend to produce more waste during holidays. If the amount of waste produced by the locals exceeds the maximum capacity, the household can take it to a local collection facility or landfill. Another option for disposal is our one-time pickup service. We will schedule the pickup to run from Monday through Friday.

Our Junk Removal Service

We also remove junk such as broken appliances, yard debris, furniture, electronics, construction waste, and home improvement debris – to the local landfill or other licensed waste collection facility. If our junk crew arrives at the client’s home or business, the junk will be inspected to determine whether any items are recyclable. All recyclable waste will be taken to a recycling center.

We ask our community members to donate usable junk. Many charity organizations like the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, and AMVETS accept various donations.

Trash Pickup Rates

We charge a set rate for one-time trash pickup. The fee includes collection, pickup, as well as disposal. The rates for regular trash collection are the same across the service region. Our one-time trash pickup rates vary, depending on how much waste is disposed of and where.

Our junk removal prices also differ. If you’re thinking of hiring us to remove your junk or remove your trash, we’d suggest an individual consultation with one of our staff members.

We also provide written estimates for our services.

Missed Trash Pickup – What To Expect

Our recurring trash collection service is based on a timetable. We provide our customers with information during the day’s consultation to be picked up and ask all waste to be placed at the curbside to be collected. If there’s nothing on the curb, our waste collection crew will decide that the need for a pickup is not needed.

If the client did not make the pickup deadline, We recommend that they visit one of the local collection centers. If there is enough space within the trash cans, your trash will remain in your possession until following collection days.

Waste Authorized For Collection

Batteries that can be recharged and disposed of electronic devices, motor oil chemical products, and other potentially hazardous substances are not approved for our trash pick-up service.

Please find out more about our garbage pickup and junk service removal by contacting the local branch.

If you have any other junk removal service please check out other services.

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