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Attic Cleanouts

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The attic can be a great storage space for Christmas decorations or memorabilia from the high school years, the family’s heirlooms, furniture, and even seasonal clothing. Every attic has a maximum capacity; additional storage is not more an alternative when attained. Experts do not recommend storing certain things for more than one or two weeks, but not months or years. Bed linen, clothing, stuffed animals, mattresses, and box springs are only several examples. These items do not only turn into clutter over a few weeks and months, but they also are a breeding ground for pests, like mice, rats, or bed bugs. They also harbor dust mites and spiders.

How Our Residential Attic Cleanout Service Works?

Our attic cleanout employs the latest equipment, personal safety gear, and large trucks to remove stored items to a landfill, recycling center, or disposal facility. There are two options when it comes to attic cleanout. These options include do-it-yourself and professionals like that of our junk removal.

Do you need to wait until your attic is filled when the cleanout services are affordable, reliable, and readily available? Our attic cleanout methods are tailored to maximize efficiency and cost. All of the cleanout processes can be broken down into parts:

  • The removal crew arrives at the house and greets the owner.
  • One of our cleanout groups explains the attic cleanout procedure to the client.
  • The team can access and clean the attic for cleanout
  • Stored items are placed in containers to be transported to the work trucks
  • After all of the clutter is taken out of the attic, cleaning will begin.
  • The attic is meticulously cleaned before the cleanout team leaves the house from the final time.

After leaving the property, the attic cleanout team transports loads of junk to an approved landfill or a waste disposal facility.

What Do Our Removal Experts Say About Attic Cleanout?

As previously mentioned, vulnerable objects should not be kept for longer than a few months. If stored in vacuum-sealed bags, Fabric-based items like silk, twill, cotton, polyester linen, Viscose can be safely kept for two years. Storage bags that are vacuum-sealed protect items from dust mites, mice, crickets, termites, cockroaches, beetles, and silverfish. There is, however, the question of where to put the objects.

If your attic is crowded out or stuffed to the brim, cleaning it out with a cleanout is the only available alternative. An attic cleanout will allow room for your latest summer or winter wardrobe, upholstered furniture, and other household items.

Experts recommend that homeowners clean out their attics at least bi-annually. The lack of manpower, a truck or other vehicle, and time should not stop you from cleaning your attic. We recommend our expert attic cleanout if you aren’t equipped with these things.

Benefits Of An Attic Cleanout

  • Creates storage space
  • Eliminates items damaged by the years of exposure to dust, insect rodents, and other elements
  • Improves air quality in the attic.
  • This will allow for projects to improve your home
  • Cleans up the attic
  • Helps to fight pests

How To Know When Your Attic Is Ready For A Cleanout?

Tenants and homeowners must know that it’s time to clean out their attics. It shouldn’t come as a large surprise when your attic reaches full capacity, and the mess may go unnoticed since it’s hidden away from view.

  • Foul odor coming from the attic
  • Moths, cockroaches, and mice moving and leaving the attic
  • Stored items are no longer functional or usable
  • Things are spilling out onto different areas of the house
  • It is possible to detect mold growth on walls and ceilings
  • All items stored are protected from dust and cobwebs

DIY Attic Cleaning

The possibility exists to wash an attic, even if it is stuffed with storage boxes. If the space in the attic has been exhausted, we can assist in removing part or all the items to enable an extensive cleaning. Do-it-yourself attic cleaning does not have to be lengthy or complicated, nor do you require specific equipment. Utilizing the advice below, your attic will be clean and spiffing within minutes.

  • Start by moving the items to either the left or right side of the attic.
  • Vacuum up the space prior to cleaning
  • Clean up walls, storage containers, shelves, and other fixtures used to store things.
  • Clean floors using a specific cleaner and allow them to air dry before moving on to the next step.
  • Implement a pest treatment place when insects or rodents are detected during the process
  • Store items on the opposite side of the attic
  • Repeat the steps repeatedly to ensure that your attic remains spotless

It’s also good to inspect your storage units to ensure that they are in good shape. Items that are damaged should be removed from the attic and put in a junk pile to be disposed of by the trash service.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our accessible attic cleanout consultation and inspection.

Neaten Up Your Attic Storage

The modernization of your attic storage system will dramatically improve the organization of stored objects. We recommend plastic storage containers with lids that are resealable instead of cardboard storage boxes that will degrade over time.

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