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Carpet Removal & Disposal

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Have you decided that you’d like to get new carpeting for your home? You must be prepared to get rid of the old carpets. Ensure that your local rubbish company may not haul away old carpenters. Instead, let our junk experts handle it off for you.

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You can depend on us since we can dispose of all types of house junk. Along with getting rid of appliances electronic, wood, and electronics, we also take care of the carpet‘s removal. If possible, we’ll remove it off and ensure that it’s recycled. We’ll do our best to remove the carpet in a sustainable, safe manner.

Pulling Up Carpet

Removing your old carpet can be easy. You’ll need to forcibly pull it up until it falls free from the tack strip. It’s usually best to employ pliers, making it much more manageable. After lifting the carpet on one side, take it off with your hands. Make sure you break it up into smaller pieces, which will make it easier to get out later.

Removing Carpet Glue

After the old carpet has been removed, you may need to remove carpet glue. It might be left on your walls and foundation. Use the advice below to clean the glue off your flooring.

  • It’s good to begin by scraping the glue with a blade or scraper.
  • To soften the glue that is difficult to remove, it with a steamer and boiling water.
  • When the glue is soft the glue, remove it using a scraper. 

You might need to repeat the steps until the glue is gone.

Getting Rid Of The Carpet Tack Strip

After you’ve finished the steps above, you’ll have to do something about the carpet tack strips. Be aware of the possibility that the nails injure you.

  • Find the nail head so that you can locate the strip of tack.
  • Use a pry bar or hammer and place your strip between floor and strip.
  • Use a hammer to hit the opposite edge of your pry bar.
  • Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the nail pop up. Remove the nail.
  • Continue this process until the strip can be removed with your hands.
  • Place the strip in bags.

After removing all tack strips, sweep the room to get rid of leftover splinters and nails.

Removing Carpet From Stairs

Cleaning carpets off stairs is going to be more challenging. The process, however, is similar. The tack strip probably sticks it. You’ll need to pull it away from the strip. Begin with a pair of pliers. After that, you can take it with your hands. After you’ve pulled it off, cut it into smaller pieces that allow you to remove it without difficulty.

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